A Visit from St. Sebastian (Hampton Half Marathon – Hampton Beach, NH)

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‘Twas the night before race day, when all through my crib

Everything was laid out, except for my bib

I laid out my clothes with meticulous care

Since I like to put thought into what I will wear

The trip has been nice, I have nary a complaint

Went to Hampton and Portland, both towns fairly quaint

I feel like a New Hampshire or a Maine kind of guy

I follow The Granite State’s motto: “Live Free or Die”

For lately I feel stuck in a tough quand’ry

My issues piling up like old dirty laundry

This is my first time training while having a presence on the web

And as a Maine kind of guy I prefer to avoid being a celeb

My running should be the focus, not my social media posts

And my writing is in neutral after I exorcised my ghosts

It’s much easier writing after everything’s all said and done

And writing about the small details certainly isn’t much fun

I’d rather live life, take notes, then reflect on these chapters

Instead of feeling like Training and Writing are my captors

But just living my life also has its fair share of flaws

And my lack of free time isn’t helping my cause

I must run now at night so I don’t feel in a rush

And must deal with bad neighbors leaving the paths full of slush

The stress at work signals my days as a teacher might be numbered

Way too often I feel that my mind is overencumbered

Lesson plans, standards, and the Danielson framework

It’s like working with kids is my job’s only great perk

With this year’s work schedule I can’t even run when I want

And by the end of my commute I’m feeling quite gaunt

In my next job I won’t even care how much money I make

It’s sad that I only feel like myself during winter break

I can’t even take off when I want without feeling like a dick

My excuse for this weekend: *cough cough* I am sick

All my best runs have been when I have a clear mind

When I’m not concerned with pace and I’m taking my time

And though I love being an official race blogger

The distractions make me feel like my mind’s playing Frogger

Maybe I was just born to run in these wooded trails

Live all these adventures, then write about my tales

But what of my girlfriend, civilization, my cats?

Leaving all them, I don’t want to think about that

With these races and travel I’ll still reach my goals

As long as running and writing play prominent roles

It’s running ultras and writing a book I desire

And being myself and sharing the wisdom I acquire

As much as I say my patron saint is Dave Goggins

Sometimes pushing my limits can really mess with my noggin

In a tea shop in Portland I came up with a thought

We have to fight for that freedom, peace of mind can’t be bought

Every runner and person, we’re in it together

For we have all been through both fair and foul weather

It’s about doing the best with the time that we got

Stress and anxiety cause even bright minds to rot

This trip recalibrated how I view my writing and running

Hopefully my performance tomorrow will be equally as stunning

We all have to deal with our fair share of strife

But we must live the actual moment, only this moment is life

I hope you find meaning in the journey and your race turns out alright

Happy race day to all, and to all a good night!


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